15 September 2008

Crowd Scouring

Measuring pollution is a tricky business.
Predicting the impact of various levels of offense uncertain.
It is unlikely the legislative process of testimony, deliberation and voting will find optimum moderation in the form of restrictions of output and arbitrary fine schedules.
It is doubtful Congress can divine the expense of compliance.
We may prefer no codified system in this matter.
Anyone has the right to monitor their immediate environment, and increasingly the ability.
Any area can support voluntary alarmists.
Even rare observations of possible danger can be communicated quickly throughout a community.
Local records can be used to find the source of pollution.
Outrage can lead to lawsuits and locally gathered evidence can prompt prosecutorial action.
Unsupported lawsuits are costly enough to discourage frivolous actions.
Court directed remedies are specific.
Thousands of legal trials will find better solutions than one legislative act.