14 May 2008

Music for the Millions

This muxtape thing could get quite addictive:

Random Harvest

Alas, muxtape is on the outs and the link is dead

07 May 2008

Solar Eddies

A Solar System orbit visualizer with zoom, pause and wow:


The Godbroad

I've just finished reading "The Godfather" and quite enjoyed it. Puzo had noted that he was aiming for Money rather than Art and if so, I'm all for commerce.
Some of the characters are overwrought and improbable but they are vivid and unforgettable and fun to follow. Sometimes I paused and marveled at some clumsy or pulpish writing but each sentence set the scene, the mood or carried the action along.
Back in my high school German class I sat a row away from Barbara Keck and for a while she carted around a thick copy of "The Godfather" and read it compulsively. After a few days we got to calling her "The Godbroad." She didn't seem to mind. Just smile and go back to her book.
I have that same smile.